How To Set Or Change Username and E-mail In GIT?

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If you are using GIT, I will suggest you to set username and e-mail so that you don’t need to set them every-time when you use GIT to do changes. In this article I will show you how you can set username and e-mail for editing data with in GIT.

Check Username And Email Set for GIT Login

To know the username and email you can use git command or open ~/.gitconfig file.

Using Git Command

# git config

Santosh Prasad

# git config

[email protected]

Using ~/.gitconfig file

# grep -E 'name|email' ~/.gitconfig

Set Username And Email For Login


git config --global "your user name"

git config --global "Your e-mail"

Follow the below command to set username and email for login.

# git config --global "Santosh Prasad"

# git config --global "[email protected]"

Now make sure these setting are saved or not, just open ~/.gitconfig and see the changes.


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