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sslv3 alert handshake failure in sendmail

Jaffar Ahamed (anonymous)

Unable to send mail from sendmail server, below error is showing:-

2015-08-24T05:34:33.305134-05:00 app sendmail[3278]: STARTTLS=server, error: accept failed=0, SSL_error=1, errno=0, retry=-1
2015-08-24T05:34:33.305210-05:00 app sendmail[3278]: STARTTLS=server: 3278:error:14094410:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert handshake failu re:s3_pkt.c:1092:SSL alert number 40
2015-08-24T05:34:33.305464-05:00 app sendmail[3278]: t7OAYXPN003278: localhost.localdomain [] did not issue MAIL/EXPN/VRFY/ETRN during connection to MTA

2015-08-24T05:48:58.028287-05:00 app sm-msp-queue[19816]: t7NG743r021684: to=santosh@proprofs .com, ctladdr=root (0/0), delay=18:41:54, xdelay=00:0
0:00, mailer=relay, pri=1830048, relay=[], dsn=4.0.0, stat=Deferred
2015-08-24T05:48:58.031623-05:00 app sm-msp-queue[19816]: t7NGACF9032325: to=contact@proprofs .com, ctladdr=apache (48/48), delay=18:38:46, xdelay=
00:00:00, mailer=relay, pri=1830394, relay=[], dsn=4.0.0, stat=Deferred

Please help how to fix this issue.

Jaffar Ahamed answered
Harish (anonymous)

I found the below solution to fix this issue.

# openssl dhparam -out /etc/pki/tls/certs/dhparams.pem 1024
Add to /etc/mail/ file.

O CipherList=HIGH:!ADH
O DHParameters=/etc/pki/tls/certs/dhparams.pem
O ClientSSLOptions=+SSL_OP_NO_SSLv2 +SSL_OP_NO_SSLv3
# make -C /etc/mail/ and service restart sendmail

Harish answered
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