How to Install WordPress on XAMPP?

As we know WordPress is the most popular and famous CMS (Content Management system) which is used in the world. It is also free and open-source content management system which is based on PHP and MySQL. We can easily create website and blog. WordPress is fastest growing content management system software. It is user-friendly everyone can easily manage without web designer. There are lots of plugins and theme is available on internet. In this tutorial I am going to explain how we can setup password protected WordPress wp-admin URL.

In my previous article I explained how to install XAMPP on your Linux system. In this article I will guide how to install WordPress on XAMPP.

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Install WordPress on XAMPP

Follow the below steps to install WordPress on XAMPP.

1. I assume that XAMPP is installed on your pc. Now we have to install WordPress on XAMPP. If you want to know more about xampp read What is XAMPP?

2. First download the WordPress Package  on your local system and extract the zip folder and copy the extracted folder to the htdocs folder inside the XAMPP directory folder.


3. You have to open Xampp control panel from the start menu. Now start the Apache and MySQL to run WordPress on your system.


4. Now go to the browser and type the below link in your browser for beginning the installation process of WordPress.


In this Page, click on the phpMyAdmin tab.

5. Once it enters click on the database button which is present at the top of the page to create a database. In the database column, give the database name and choose utf8_general_ci and then click the create button. Now the database is been created.


Name Database as shown in below screenshot:


6. Next, again go to browser and the the below URL.



7. Now it will redirected to WordPress setup page. In that page, choose language and then click on continue button.


8. In the next immediate page click on let’s go button.


9. Now enter the database connection details as shown below:

  • Database name: Put what you create early
  • Username: root(default)
  • Password: not necessary
  • Database host: localhost(default)
  • Table prefix: wp_ (default)

Click on the submit button once the details are entered.


10. Now click run the installation button.Once run the installation button is clicked, fill the site title, username, and password and then click the Install WordPress button.


11. Congratulation! WordPress is successfully installed on your system. Now login to your site typing the below URL in the browser.



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