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How to Install Kernel 5.15 on Ubuntu/Debian and Linux Mint

Guys, recently Linux Kernel 5.15 LTS is release that’s why I am writing this article. In this article I will explain how to install Kernel 5.15 on Ubuntu/Debian and Linux Mint.

Kernel 5.15 has been release on Halloween, on October 31st 2021 with lots of new interesting new features.

NTFS file system implementation so that you does not depend on other third party software.

Such as NTFS-3G to fully manage your NTFS formatted external Disk Drives.

There also lots of feature like BTRFS and XFS file system support for Nintendo wii console.

Linux Kernel 5.15 also support for per-VLAN multicast features in kernel SMB server.

It has new r8188eu Realtek Wireless LAN driver to replace the old rtl8188eu driver and many others.

Also provide at least two years of this Linux 5.15 LTS kernel series.

Question arise here why we need to upgrade Linux Kernel?

I already mentioned there are not good enough to upgrade your running kernel packages of your GNU/Linux distribution than you no need to upgrade it.

But if you need support for existing or new hardware which supported by Linux Kernel 5.15 and If you facing some hardware issue with your current kernel version then I think you should try it once. So let’s start how to install kernel 5.15 on Ubuntu/Debian and Linux Mint system.

Install Kernel 5.15 on Ubuntu/Debian and Linux Mint

In this tutorial I am using mainline Ubuntu Kernel PPA Archive that is offered by the Ubuntu developers. Note down these kernel packages are not signed. it means it can not be installed on UEFI/Secure boot systems if Secure Boot is enabled.

So first of all you have to disable the Secure Boot  to install Kernel 5.15 on Ubuntu/Debian and Linux Mint.

Installation of Kernel 5.15 is very easy, just you have to download the latest kernel release, such as Linux Kernel 5.15 at the moment. You can download kernel 5.15 on your home directory using below link but you can also install Linux Kernel 5.15 on ARM64, s390x and ppc64el system.

Link 1 : Download Linux Kernel 5.15 

Link 2 : Download Linux Kernel 5.15 

Now just to that directory where you have downloaded these Kernels make sure there should be only kernel package available in that folder.

Once located your Kernels DEB packages, run this below command to install it.

$ sudo dpkg -i *.deb

That’s it, once package installed just reboot your system. It will be install the latest Linux Kernel 5.15. Enjoy you have successfully installed Latest Linux Kernel version 5.15 LTS and its new features.

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