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IoT – A Beginner’s Guide To Know About Internet Of Things

In this tutorial I am going to explain about basic IoT technology. We can connect everyday objects to the internet and to one another using with IoT technology. Recently we are using IoT technology in Nest Protect smoke detector and August door locks.


The short form of IoT is Internet of things. IoT also stands for interconnection of internet. IoT technology will help to interact with things like machine, systems or static objects. There are lots of advantages of IoT for us.We can monitor and manage all IoT devices with our mobiles. IoT is fully secure. The main aspects of IoT are connectivity, remote management and security. Using IoT technology we can remotely control all devices like TV, Home Router, Lights, Smart Meters, A/C etc. As per Cisco in year 2020 about 50 billion devices connected using internet.


Following applications will be used for IoT devices:

  • IoT devices will be used in consumer market for smart home like lighting,security and comfort.
  • Will be used in Industrial Market for smart meters, Climate control, Manufacturing control, Wear-out sensing devices.
  • IoT devices also will be used in Automotive Industries for Traffic flow control, Parking, Anti-theft devices, Location tracking etc.
  • Also will be used in Agriculture market for soil analysis and crop management.
  • In Environmental for weather predictions, Resource management and Species tracking.
  • In Medical Industry for telehealth services, wearable devices, and implanted devices.
  • In Military for treat analysis, resource allocation and troop monitoring etc.
  • In Retail for Inventory control, Product tracking, Focused marketing.


As mentioned above devices and systems can be managed remotely using mobiles applications. To connect to IoT  we need to have IP address assigned to each IoT devices. Each IoT devices has physical layer to connect with the medium either wireless (wifi, LTE, GSM and WiPAN etc) or wired. All IoT device will connect with the central servers and interact with databases. Gateways and Routers will be used as wireless backbone networks.


Apple, LG, Samsung, Google, Philips and Lowe’s are all working on IoT technology. Recently Intel introduced Gateway solutions for IoT with the help of McAfee and Wind River. Cisco is also working to convert all devices into IP enabled. For OS (Operating System) Microsoft introduced Windows operating system for IoT platform and project.


Battery power will be used in all IoT devices. Battery power will be long life approx, about 10 years. All IoT devices will support IPV4 and IPV6 IP protocols. Devices have better receiver sensitivity approx 20dB it is batter than non-IoT devices. It will also cheaper about less than $10. Devices have optical sensors, light sensors, gesture and proximity sensors, pressure sensors, touch and fingerprint sensors and more.

So we can say the Internet of Things will change the way we live and work.

I hope this article will be helpful to understand the IoT technology . Read our another article Awstats – Log Analyzer To Analize Apache Logs On CentOS,Fedora and RHEL System  and Googler – Command Line Google Search On Linux System.  If you have any queries and problem please comment in comment section or you can also ask your question.


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