Create Custom Page For 403 Forbidden Error Message In Nginx

Question : Can I create a custom error page for 403 forbidden error message.

Answer : Yes If you are using unlimited hosting plan, you can create a customised 403 error page. Follow the below steps to create 403 page in Nginx.

Create A Custom 403 Error Page

To create your custom 403 error page, here’s what you will need to do:

1. Create your own custom 403 error page, for example call it 403.html on your default web document root.

# cd /var/www/html/
# vim 403.html

<head><title>Error 403 - You are not authorized to access this page.</title></head>
You are not authorized to access this page. If you this an error, please contact webmaster with your IP at [email protected]

2. Edit your nginx.conf file like below:

# vim nginx.conf
# redirect server error pages to the static page
 error_page   403  /403.html;
 location = /403.html {
         root   /var/www/html;

3. Save and closer file.

4. Restart and reload the Nginx service.

 # service nginx reload/restart

5. Visit your website to a unauthorised page to confirm if the error page is working correctly.


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