How To Set RAM Amount For OpenVZ Container

Written by Santosh Prasad

In this article I will show you how you can manage your VE memory on OpenVZ VPS.

Below are the some example commands that will help you to manage the RAM for OpenVZ container.

128MB Guaranteed, 256MB Burstable

    vzctl set 150 --vmguarpages 128M --save
    vzctl set 150 --oomguarpages 128M --save
    vzctl set 150 --privvmpages 128:256M --save

256MB Guaranteed, 512MB Burstable

    vzctl set 150 --vmguarpages 256M --save
    vzctl set 150 --oomguarpages 256M --save
    vzctl set 150 --privvmpages 256M:512M --save

512MB Guaranteed, 1024MB Burstable

    vzctl set 150 --vmguarpages 512M --save
    vzctl set 150 --oomguarpages 5124M --save
    vzctl set 150 --privvmpages 512M:1024M --save 

Note: 150 is container veid.

I hope this article will help to manage VE memory on OpenVZ VPS. If you have any queries and problem please comment in comment section.


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