Find Long running request in Apache

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If Apache is going down you need to see Apache status and find out the long running request in Apache. You can use below command and kill the process if needed .

#links --dump 1|grep ^[0-9]|awk 'BEGIN {print "Seconds, PID, State, IP, Domain, TYPE, URL\n--"} $4 !~ /[GCRK_.]/ {print $6, $2, $4, $11, $12, $13 " " $14|"sort -n"}'

 Here :

Second : Apache process running request time

PID : Process ID

State : Request status

IP : Client IP which is making request

Domam :  Virtual Host

TYPE : Http

URL : Requested url

You can use it as a scripts instead of typing command every-time. If you see high load on your server you can run this script.

After running script you can see the below output :

Command Output:

Seconds, PID, State, IP, Domain, TYPE, URL

0 5495 W GET /server-status

0 5710 W GET

2 5495 W POST

32 5710 W GET /train/cour/?title=fo7-external-cour&c=1&p=2

37 5710 W POST

Note : You will need to enable server status page.

Enabling Apache Status Page

To enable status page you will need to edit httpd.conf file.

#vim /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

ExtendedStatus on
<Location /server-status>
SetHandler server-status
Order Deny,Allow
Deny from all
Allow from

Save and exit.

After edited httpd.conf file you will need to restart Apache service.

#service httpd restart


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