How To Create EBS Volume Using Amazon Web Console

I this article I will show you how you can create or add EBS volumes using Amazon web console.

Create EBS Volume Using Amazon Web Console

Follow the below steps to create or add EBS volume:

1. Login into your Amazon account and open the EC2 instance and check the instance ID. To get the instance id:

Go to Service -> EC2 -> select instance and not down the instance id.


2. Now create the AWS EBS volume: Select and click on the Volume option from the left side navigation panel. Shown below:


After clicking on Create tab now you have to select various options while creating EBS volume such as : Volume Type, Volume Size, Availability Zone, Snapshot ID etc.

Note: Select the availability zone in which you want to create the EBS volume. EBS volume can only be attached to EC2 instance within the same Availability Zone.


Now select the additional tags to add tags to your EBS volume. Then click on ” create volume” button.


After successfully creating the volume. it will show the volume ID. Now click on “close” button. then you can see the
volume state is “available“.


3. Attach the EBS volume with EC2 instance: After successfully creating the volume. Now attach it to EC2 instance.

Click on Action -> Attach Volume look like below screenshot.


Now in the Attach Volume window, Put the instance id in instance box and device name to attach the volume to EC2 instance and click on attach button. Shown in screenshot.


Now you can see the status ” in-use” of attached volume in state column.



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