Find Long Running Request In Apache

If Apache is going down you need to see Apache status and find out the long running request in Apache. You can use below command and kill the process if needed .

First of all you will need to enable server status page.

Enabling Apache Status Page

To enable status page you will need to edit httpd.conf file.

#vim /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

ExtendedStatus on
<Location /server-status>
SetHandler server-status
Order Deny,Allow
Deny from all
Allow from east.example.com

Save and exit.

After edited httpd.conf file you will need to restart Apache service.

#service httpd restart

Now execute the below command to find the long running request on the server.

#links --dump 1 http://east.example.com/server-status|grep ^[0-9]|awk 'BEGIN {print "Seconds, PID, State, IP, Domain, TYPE, URL\n--"} $4 !~ /[GCRK_.]/ {print $6, $2, $4, $11, $12, $13 " " $14|"sort -n"}'

Here :

  • Second : Apache process running request time
  • PID : Process ID
  • State : Request status
  • IP : Client IP which is making request
  • Domam :  Virtual Host
  • TYPE : Http
  • URL : Requested url

You can use it as a scripts instead of typing command every-time. If you see high load on your server you can run this script.

After running script you can see the below output :

Command Output:

Seconds, PID, State, IP, Domain, TYPE, URL

0 5495 W east.example.com GET /server-status

0 5710 W east.example.com GET

2 5495 W east.example.com POST

32 5710 W east.example.com GET /train/cour/?title=fo7-external-cour&c=1&p=2

37 5710 W east.example.com POST


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