Why You Should Upgrade Your Open Source Database Software?

As a database administrator, one should know the importance of upgrade of open source database software.Today we are using various open source database software like MySQL, Maria-db, Nosql, Mongodb. Among all MySQL is most popular open source database software.So, here i am explaining five importance of  upgrade.

Top Five Reasons To Upgrade Open Source Database Software

Your Database is a very important part of your business. Running and optimisation of Database should be a key goal. Sometime we cutoff some task of maintenance  due to lack of resource and money.However, not performing these task can also cost you money. One of the most basic and important task in maintenance is upgrading of database to the latest version.Upgrading may take more efforts or tricky, but i will guarantee to you that it will benefits you.

1. New Features

If any new version of any software releases it comes with new features.So, some related software will also upgrade like monitoring tools.In new release having better functionality and better solution that built into new software.

New features may provide DBAs  with better and easier way to running the software. The new features upgrade productivity.The performance of database increases.

2. Security

To running any business the first importance is security of system.In old releases hacker already found different way to hole in a system.So, in release the security  increases as per time.The more recent version of software are safer from security standpoint. Upgrading software can be a preventive prescription to disaster caused by impending security issues.

3. Bug Fixes

When software gets outdated, its issues become increasingly obvious. It’s buggier, slower, and more frustrating to deal with on a regular basis. The updated version will try to streamline the processes your staff uses every day, which saves them valuable time.

The newest version of your software will have likely fixed annoying bugs or glitches in the older version, which saves your staff time and headaches and, in turn, saves you money in the long run

4. Compatibility

Older version of software are not compatible with new hardware. Older software have lots of problems in communication with new release software.The compatibility of older software with new software is very tricky and time consuming process.

5. Community Participation

For any software release of open source database software having a community of many DBA’s, Organisations. In community participation you can share your problems and find solution. Whenever you stuck it will help you in resolution. What happen if nobody is a member of community that you are currently using.

So, I suggest kindly update your open source software as per time. It will help you so much in solving many problems and learning new things.

I hope this article will be helpful to understand why you should upgrade your open source database software. If you have any queries and problem please comment in comment section or you can also ask your question.


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