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Best Top 10 Network Packet Analyzers tools for Security Analysts and DevOps

Guys, in this tutorial I have explained best top 10 Network Packet Analyzers tools for Security Analysts and DevOps. So before starting let’s know what is the Network Packet.

What is a Network Packet?

Whenever we chat, make a video call, play game, surfing internet and bying stuff online – It exchange the data packets between two computers or we can se networks. So basically we can say that a packet is a smallest unit of information flowing between two computers or a network or networks.

So in simple term every packet represent  a link in the chain, and its responsible to transmit data source to destination.

Now we understood what is the Network Packet, now network analyzer comes in picture. It tools allow you to keep eyes on individual packet on your network.

Why we need to analyze packets?

Now question arise here why we need to analyze network packets, in simple with the help of these tool we can examine and diagnose network problems and resolve it. Like identifying security threats. Finding and view the undesirable network behaviour and identifying network congestion.

In simple world we can say that Packet Analyzer or Sniffer is a tool that helps to find usend, send, received, and arriving safely on network.

Here are the list of  best top 10 Network Packet Analyzers tools:

Best top 10 Network Packet Analyzers tools

Below are the list of some best Packet Analyzer and Sniffers tools with built in  features to extract network information and network data.

Here are the free Best top 10 Network Packet Analyzers tools.

to monitor network traffic.

1. Free Trail – SolarWinds Bandwidth Analyzer Pack

This is Free Trail Based packet analyzer tools to Monitor Network Performance, this is the best network performance tools to check and view what is going on in network. It is the best Network Data Analyzer tools in the market. Here are the some feature of this tools.

  • Check transmission speeds and rates.
  • Packet transmission reliability.
  • Great interface with best visualization and Dashboard.
  • Highly customizable reports.
  • QoS simple rules for quick traffic shaping.
  • Support large networks and scale to 50,000 Flows.
  • Support for both Linux and Windows.

Download Link : SolrWind Free Trail

2. Free Trail – ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

This is the another Free Trail tool for Packet Anlalyze and it has recent updated to give your great experience and great insights in your network data traffic and bandwidth monitoring. Here are the some feature of this tools.

  • Traffic and Packet Analysis.
  • Netstream Capable, NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow.
  • Also monitor voice and videos with Network Data Quickly using Dashboard.
  • Perform network Forensic and Analysis and much more..

Download Link : ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer 

3. WireShark

WireShark is well know tools for packet analyze, it does great job for finding a middle ground between row data and visual representation of the network data. It is very simple to use and it is compatible and portable.

  • Most popular packet analyzer tool with massive community behind it.
  • It provides new features and plugins to enhance it features and it is Open Source tool.
  • Provide packet collection and analysis support in the same program.
  • Totally free tool.

Download Link : WireShark

4. TcpDump

TcpDump is open-source network utility that is freely available under the BSD license. It works on the command line interface and provides descriptions of packet content in several formats, depending on the command used.

This is primarily a network monitoring and management utility that captures and records TCP/IP data on the run time. Tcpdump is designed to provide statistics about the number of packets received and captured at the operating node for network performance analysis, debugging and diagnosing network bottlenecks and other network oriented tasks.

  • It is Open Source Tool with backed by a large and dedicated community
  • It is very simple to use and learn, specially for CLI Users.
  • Lightweight tool, CLI based tool.
  • Totally free.

Follow this link to download in install : TcpDump

5. Kismet

Kismet just a packet analyzer tool in fact it is developed with wide range of functionality. It also analyze and sniff hidden network traffic or un-broadcasted SSIDs.

  • Support for Mac, Linux and OpenBSD
  • Also scan Bluetooth signals along with other wireless protocols outside of Wifi network.
  • Allow real time packet capturing and can share with multiple team’s members.
  • To enhance feature it also provide plugins.
  • Completely free tool.

6. EtherApe

EtherApe has same sort of functionality which WireShark does. It is also Open-Source and totally free of cost. So what is difference the main difference is that it is more graphically driven tool. Most of people like just plain visual approach and EtherApe tends to take precedence over WireShark for those folks. It is also support * NIX & OSX env.

  • Open-Source tool.
  • Continuously updated.
  • Simple and powerful data visualization to display data information.
  • Totally free.

7. Cain and Abel

This tool has unique name and it believe that remarkable breadth of tasks the program can perform. If you want simple extended sniffing tool, then it is best for you.

It also perform limited password recovery, directory attacks to recover lost credentials, peruse VOIP data on the network.

  • It is very popular cyber security tool with lots of documentation.
  • Also capture the WireShark traffic to analyse packet injection.
  • It also support password cracking via brute force attack, hash calculation and rainbow tables.
  • Used in legacy system Windows 9x.

Download Link : Cain & Abel

8. NetworkMiner

NetworkMinor is another best tool to sniff and analyze network traffic. NetworkMiner is mostly focus on sending and receiving data whereas other analyser focus on the packet being sent back and forth. Well integrated tool for finding problem machines or users.

Main Drawback is that is is only available for Windows machine.

  • It looks like a forensic tools with packet analyzer.
  • Can reconstruct data and packet over TCP steaming.
  • Does not make noise while in use, good for avoiding cross-contamination.
  • Gui tools rather than CLI.

Download Link : NetworkMiner

9. KisMac

As you can see name looks like same as Kismet, but it is only for Mac env. It is simple tool.

  • Great Mac tool for a Windows alternative.
  • Capture and replay WireShark packets with great wireless security.

Download Link : KisMac

10. WinDump

If you love to use tcpdump simplicity and want to bring it to your Windows machine here is WinDump. It works same as tcpdump with command line just type “tcpdump” it work same as linux machine.

Windump is a binary that can be run simple way and provide a Pcap library implementation.

These are the Best top 10 Network Packet Analyzers tools.


What is data packet analyzer?

Basically, packet analyzer is a network monitoring tool that help to examine data flow in source to destination or network or networks. It also know as packet sniffer or network analyzer tools.

What are the Best top 10 Network Packet Analyzers tools packet?

There are lots of packet analyzer tool available, here are Best top 10 Network Packet Analyzers tools for Security Analysts and DevOps:

  1. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor
  2. TcpDump
  3. WireShark
  4. WinDump
  5. EtherApe
  6. KisMet
  7. KisMac
  8. NetworkMiner
  9. ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer
  10. Telerik fiddler

What is a WireShark?

WireShark is a packet analyzer tools that are used to capture network traffic flow from source to destination and wise versa, It can capture the online data and store for offline analysis. It can capture network packet from Ethernet, Wireless, Bluetooth etc.

Is network packet capturing is legal in India?

Yes, it is legal in India you can use it for your analysis. You can capture your system ethernet packet for examine the network issue etc.

Is there any other tool better than Wireshark?

There are lots of alternative to WireShark like: tcpdump, SolarWind, Windump, EtherApe and KisMet and many more.

Which tool is best TcpDump or WireShark?

For packet capturing both tools are best if the network is having less traffic, that is less than 1000 packet within 60 seconds. If the packets are increase Wireshark capture more with 0.5-1% gain. On behalf of this we can say that Wireshark beats tcpdump in speed of packet capturing.

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