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How to Connect Android Phone and Tablet to PC Using Putty and SSH

In this tutorial I am going to describe how you can connect your android device (Mobile and Tablets) to PC using SSH and Putty without any USB driver or Mobile PC suit software. Using SSH, you can access terminal or shell of your Android mobile and tablets Linux kernel. As you know Android is a full fledged Operating System derived from Linux kernel one can use it as a full blown Operating and execute all kinds of Operating Systems commands.

This is very easy and quick steps to access your Android Shell using PC. Follow the below steps it may take less than 5 minute.


You will need:-

  • Rooted Android phone and tablet with Wi-Fi functionality.
  • SSHDroid ( SSH Server ).
  • Putty.exe (SSH Client )
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Step 1#: Install and Setup SSHDroid

You will need to install SSHDroid from Android market or Google Play Store to your phone and tablet. This will enable SSH Server into your Android device.


After installing, open SSHDroid and click on “Options” button.


Then check on “Require WiFi” to activate Wi-Fi connection.


Now click on “START” button.


After clicking on start your SSH server is ready. You can stop SSH server clicking on “STOP” button.


Step 2#: Download and Setup Putty

Now Download PuTTy.exe for SSH Client on your Windows PC. After downloading you don’t need to install it just double click on that and PuTTY will start because it comes in single executable file. Just Enter your Android SSH Server IP ( and Port (22). There is no need to setting up any thing in PuTTY.


Step 3#: Connect Android phone and tablet with PC using PuTTY

1. First connect your Android phone to target PC using Wi-Fi, Then run SSHDroid server into your mobile and tablet. Then click on “start” option.

2. After SSH server successfully started it will show IP address of your mobile and tablet.

3. Now take the IP “” and type it to your PuTTY program’s in Host Field with 22 port number and click on “open“.

4. Then It will ask for certification, you will need to hit “enter” to get command line login window, type “root” and hit enter then type password for root user, default is “admin“. After successful login you will be able to type any Linux command like mkdir, find, ls, reboot -f, etc. You can also use network commands like ping, telnet, wget etc. If your phone and tablet is connected to internet.

I hope this article will help to connect your Android device mobile and tablet to PC using PuTTy and SSH. If you have any queries and problem please comment in comment section.

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