Moving WordPress : Database Search And Replace Script

Moving WordPress site to a different domain then you know it is not an easy task. First of all you need to copy all of the files, then create a database SQL dump of your existing database and import it into the new location, and make the changes to wp-config.php file. But probably you have noticed your plugins and themes are not working correctly.

Problem is that obviously one has to do search and replace operations on the database to ensure that all references to the old domain is switched to the new domain.

Switching old domain to new domain, you can simply down the zipped script, and extract the zipped file into your WordPress location and then directly access the newly created folder using your browser.

Download Search and Replace Script written in PHP by the guys over at interconnect/it .

A Ajax-driven user interface asks you for the search and replace terms given you already filled in database connection information, and then you can run it either a dry run or live execution. It is very easy and very effective.

After complete your task delete the folder. You can use this script whenever you find yourself having to change domains for your WordPress sites.


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