WordPress – How to Highlight Author’s Comments

On most sites, it is hard for clients to track author’s comments. This is the reason numerous WordPress sites highlight their author’s remark by making it an alternate background shading, including an image, and so forth. In the event that you need to figure out how to highlight author’s comments in WordPress, at that point you have gone to the opportune place. In this article, we will demonstrate to you the least demanding and easiest approach to highlight author’s comments in WordPress.

Highlight Author’s Comments

By default WordPress generates use numbers of CSS classes which makes it easier to designers and users to make it styles. WordPress also added one more feature you can make stylus author’s comments.

There is a class .bypostauthor you can found it in the .commentlist element. You have to add your custom styles by using CSS. You can add your own background, your own image etc.

Note :- You can found this code in style.css located in your WordPress theme’s folder.

.commentlist .bypostauthor {}
.commentlist li ul.children li.bypostauthor {}

There is no any rocket science behind above code. It is very simple.

To make a border-top with a yellow/orange colour use below code:

.commentlist .bypostauthor {border-top: 10px solid #e18728;}
.commentlist li ul.children li.bypostauthor {border-top: 10px solid #e18728;}

If you want to highlight comment by adding light background use below code:

.commentlist .bypostauthor {background: #e7f8fb;}
.commentlist li ul.children li.bypostauthor {background: #e7f8fb;}

I hope this tutorial will help you to design your comments.


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