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How to Add and Scan a Host in OpenVAS for vulnerabilities?

In my previous article I have explained how to:  Install OpenVAS on Linux Machine. In this article I am going to explain how to add and scan a host in OpenVAS for vulnerabilities using OpenVAS Scanner.

How to Add and Scan a Host in OpenVAS for vulnerabilities?

Follow these below steps to configure or scan a host in OpenVAS Scanner.

First of all, OpenVAS web dashboard in your browser and navigate to Configuration > Targets. Once the page opened, click a star like Icon, on the left side of the page to add new target.

You will get the screen like as shown below when you click on New Target icon.


Now provide the necessary details and click on Create button to add the new target.

Once new target added, you will get the screen like as shown below.


Here you can see the target is added, now we need to create a scan task.

For configuring scan task navigate to Scan > Tasks and click on the star like icon on the left side of the page.

Then New Task it will open up a new page where you can fill the specifics of the scan. You can also leave the most of the setting as default.


Now click on Create button.

Let’s scan the target now clicking  on Play button against a target under the action filed.


Please wait for the result once the scan starts. This may take some time depending on the type of the scan you setup.

Here are the example result of the test target.


You can also download the scan result in HTML/CSV/PDF formats.

Thanks, that is all about configuring and adding or scanning a target for vulnerabilities using OpenVAS Scanner.


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