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How to Remove Webmin from Linux Machine

In this article I will show how to remove webmin from Linux machine.

What is Webmin?

Webmin at its simplest is a Web-based server administration tool. It has been built from the ground up to make server administration as simple as possible for novice to expert Linux/UNIX administrators. Users who are new to administering a UNIX-based environment will appreciate the easy navigation and simple interface, while seasoned pros will appreciate the easy configuration of servers, module installation, and the other great utilities available.

Remove Webmin from Linux Machine

Follow the below steps to remove the webmin from Linux machine.

1. First of all stop webmin.

# service webmin stop
Stopping Webmin server in /usr/libexec/webmin

2. Check Webmin version that has been installed and configured.

# rpm -qa | grep webmin

3. Remove webmin using “rpm -e” command (Option 1).

# rpm -e webmin-1.590-1.noarch

4. You can also remove webmin using yum command.

# yum remove webmin

5. Also you can remove webmin using script.

# /etc/webmin/


# /etc/webmin/
Are you sure you want to uninstall Webmin? (y/n) : y

Stopping Webmin server in /software/webmin
Running uninstall scripts ..
Subroutine list_servers redefined at /software/webmin/servers/ line 92.
Subroutine list_servers_sorted redefined at /software/webmin/servers/ line 111.
Subroutine get_server redefined at /software/webmin/servers/ line 143.
Subroutine save_server redefined at /software/webmin/servers/ line 158.
Subroutine delete_server redefined at /software/webmin/servers/ line 175.
Subroutine can_use_server redefined at /software/webmin/servers/ line 188.
Subroutine list_all_groups redefined at /software/webmin/servers/ line 208.
Subroutine logged_in redefined at /software/webmin/servers/ line 278.
Subroutine get_server_types redefined at /software/webmin/servers/ line 303.
Subroutine this_server redefined at /software/webmin/servers/ line 313.
Subroutine get_my_address redefined at /software/webmin/servers/ line 332.
Subroutine address_to_broadcast redefined at /software/webmin/servers/ line 361.
Subroutine test_server redefined at /software/webmin/servers/ line 375.
Subroutine find_cron_job redefined at /software/webmin/servers/ line 394.
Subroutine find_servers redefined at /software/webmin/servers/ line 407.
Deleting /software/webmin ..
Deleting /etc/webmin ..
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