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How to Properly Shutdown Linux Server

Question: Recently one of my reader asked me what is the correct way to shutdwon the Linux server.

Answer: I suggest to shut the system down using “shutdown -h now” command. This will shut down the system to a halt and mostly used for a remote shutdown. Shutdown with the parameter -h is to halt, and shutdown with the parameter -r is to reboot.

Shutdown Linux Server

If you want to properly shutdown Linux server follow the below command.

# shutdown -h now

This command will shutdown then halt the computer.

# shutdown -t3 -h now

The option “-t3” tells the shutdown command to wait 3 seconds before it starts killing processes.

If vmware-tools installed in Linux VM, shutdown -h now command should be able to use and it will power-off the VM by itself. This works and tested on CentOS 4 and CentOS 5 VMs, on VMware Server 1.0.x and -VMware Server 2.0.x, Workstation 6.x, and ESX/ESXi.
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