How To Install Drush Via Composer

Follow the below steps to install Drush via Composer.


1. Install Composer globally.
2. Now add composer’s bin directory to the system path by placing ” export PATH=”$HOME/.composer/vendor/bin:$PATH” ” into your ~/.bashrc ( For Linux Users ) or into your ~/.bash_profile ( For Mac OS Users ).
3. Then install latest stable Drush using below command:

# composer global require drush/drush

4. Verify Drush using below command:

# drush status

Update Latest Release

# composer global update

Install A Specific Version Of Drush

If you want to install specific version of Drush follow the below command. For example Drush 7.1.0

# composer global require drush/drush:7.1.0

Alternate Way To Install For All Users using Composer

COMPOSER_HOME=/opt/drush COMPOSER_BIN_DIR=/usr/local/bin COMPOSER_VENDOR_DIR=/opt/drush/7 composer require drush/drush:7

Uninstall Drush

Follow the below command to uninstall Drush

# composer global remove drush/drush

That’s it.


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