How To Install TeamViewer 12 on Linux

Teamviewer is used to connect remote system with graphical environment. Recently Teamviewer team has announced its latest version 12. There are lots of features and improvements then older version. Read more to know about all Teamviewer 12 version.

In this article I will explain how to install Teamviewer 12 on your Linux system.

Download Latest Teamviewer

First of all you have to download the latest Teamviewer package from its official website. In this tutorial I am going to download Teamviewer 12 to explain this tutorial.

Debian File

$ wget https://download.teamviewer.com/download/teamviewer_i386.deb

RPM File

# wget https://download.teamviewer.com/download/teamviewer.i686.rpm

Install Teamviewer

After downloaded the teamviewer package on your system, lets install it as per your operating system. If you are system is rpm based use yum or dnf command to install required dependencies. If you are using debian based system use dpkg command then apt-get to install all the dependencies.

On Fedora 22

# sudo dnf install teamviewer.i686.rpm

On CentOS/Redhat

$ yum install teamviewer.i686.rpm

On Ubuntu/Debian

$ sudo dpkg -i teamviewer_i386.deb
$ sudo apt-get -f install

Launch Teamviewer 12

After successful Teamviewer installation on your Linux machine. Follow the below command to launch Teamviewer.

# teamviewer

First time startup, Teamviewer ask you to accept the agreement, accept agreement and start it.


Next screen:



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