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How to Upgrade Fedora 25 or 24 to Fedora 27 Using DNF

Recently Fedora 27 has been released, so users having the Fedora workstation may require to upgrade their workstation to latest Fedora 27.

In this article I will show how you can upgrade your Fedora 25 or 24 to Fedora 27 using DNF command line utility. I assume that users have Fedora 25 or 24 to upgrade to the Fedora 27 latest released.

Upgrade Fedora 25 or 24 to Fedora 27

Most of the server there is not desktop environment found that’s why this tutorial will be useful for the upgrading Fedora server as workstation using command line.

Make sure have full backup of all important data because system upgrades are potentially risky, be prepared for any data loss.

1. Update System Packages

First of all make sure you have all latest packages on your system. You can update your system using DNF command as shown below.

$ sudo dnf upgrade --refresh

2. Install System Upgrade DNF Plugin

To upgrade the system you will need dnf-plugin-system-upgrade. Follow the below command to install system upgrade dnf plugin.

$ sudo dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade

3. Download Upgraded Packages on System

After installing dnf system upgrade plugin, now download the updates packages of Fedora 7 using below command.

$ sudo dnf system-upgrade download --refresh --releasever=27

Fedora will refuse the upgrade process, If any of the packages have unsatisfied dependencies. So you have to use –allowerasing with above command.

4. Upgrade System

Now finally run the below command to start the upgrade process, this will reboot your system to complete the upgrade.

$ sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot
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