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Some Basic Linux Commands Interview Questions

In this article I will explain some basic Linux command interview questions.

Question #1: Which Linux commands you use frequently, give me top 10 which you use?


  • mkdir : Creating folder, and with -p option we can create multiple folder at a time.
  • ls : Listing files and directories.
  • top : Monitor system activities.
  • history: History of command executed by users.
  • lsof : Check which process open which file and what is happening on the server.
  • sh : To run shell scripts
  • netstat -tcp : Complete detail about network connections.
  • cd : To change directory
  • vim : To edit Linux Configuration files.
  • chmod : Changing files and folder permission.

Question #2: Do you know user management commands?

Answer :

  • last
  • chage
  • chsh
  • lsof
  • chown
  • chmod
  • useradd
  • userdel
  • newusers

Question #3: Do you know syntax checking commands for following services?

Answer :

  • Samba
  • Dns
  • Apache

Question #4 : Which command is used for password less login to remote Linux server/machine?


  • ssh-keygen
  • expect

Question #5 : Do you know security monitoring related commands?


  • netstat
  • lsof
  • top
  • ps-ef
  • tall
  • last
  • tcpdump
  • sestatus
  • w
  • history

Question #6 Do you know what is difference between info, man, and whatis commands?


info command provide us full details about a commands.
man command provide us medium size info and.
whatis provide us one line answer.

I hope above questions will help for interview preparation. If you have any other interview questions please share with us, It will help others.


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