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What Is Difference Between Buffer And Cache?

What Is Difference Between Buffer And Cache?

Buffers is used to store data for a particular application for temporarily and this data is not used by any other application. Similar work like bandwidth if try to send burst of data through network, and network card is unable to send this data and capable to send less data it will keep these hugs amounts of data in buffer so that it can send data constantly in lesser speeds. Similarly cache is a memory location to store frequently used data for faster access. Another difference between a buffer and cache is that cache can be used multiple times and buffer is used single time, both are used to temporary data storage for processing.

The buffer is mainly found in RAM and acts as area where the CPU can store data temporarily, Cache is high speed storage area that can be part of the main memory or some other separate storage area such as hard disk.

Buffer is mostly used for input/output processes, for example, in printing. When one sends the documents to be printed to the printer, the information is stored in a buffer, and the printer can then access this information at its own pace, and this frees the CPU to perform other tasks.

A buffer is also used when burning information to compact disks where the data to be burned is first stored in the buffer from where it is then transferred to the disk during the burning process

Cache is mostly used during reading and writing processes to the main disk to make the process faster by making similar data used by different programs easily accessible.


1. Cache is high speed storage area while a buffer is normal storage area .
2. Cache is made from static ram which is faster than the slower dynamic ram used for a buffer.
3. Buffer is mostly used for I/O operation while cache is used during R/W operation from the disk.
4. Cache cal also be a part of the disk while buffer is only a part of the RAM.
5. Buffer is used in keyboard to edit typing mistake while the cache can not.


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