difference between A and CNAME records

What is difference between A and CNAME records in DNS ?

A and CNAME records used to map a host name to one or more IP address in DNS. It is very important that you should understand the differences between these two records.

This article will help to understand difference between A and CNAME records.

A Record

A record is used to points a name to specific IP Address. For example, if you want to the name blog.looklinux.com to point to the server you will need to configure like below.

blog.looklinux.com. A

CNAME Record

CNAME record is used to points a name to another name, instead of IP Addresss. The CNAME source represents an alias for the target name and inherits its entire resolution chain.

For example:

blog.looklinux.com.   CNAME   web.phpcommander.com.
web.phpcommander.com. CNAME   blog.studentvergo.com.
blog.studentvergo.com. A

Above we used blog.looklinux.com as a CNAME of web.phpcommander.com, which in turns is itself a CNAME of blog.studentvergo.com, which is an A record pointing to This means that blog.looklinux.com resolves to

So, A record points a name to an IP address and CNAME record can point a name to another CNAME or an A record.

I hope this article will help to understand difference between A and CNAME records. If you have any queries and problem please comment in comment section.




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