Linux Command Line Browser With Links And Lynx

There are lots of reason for browsing the internet from command line. You might be a command line lover who wants to search everything from the Linux terminal or you might have a slow internet connection. You might want to test your websites accessibility and System Admin who generally do not have X-windows on their server that’s why they use command line browser like links and lynx etc.

In this article, lets take a look at Linux command line web browser.

Lynx Browser

  • It is text based web browser.
  • It is highly configurable.
  • it is oldest web browser in use.
  • Does not support JavaScript.
  • Support SSL and many html features
  • Highlight the links.
  • Suitable for older hardware.

Links Browser

  • It is Free and Open source.
  • With a pull down menu and text or graphical web browser.
  • Built in color support with horizontal scrolling.
  • Lot of features supported such pop-ups, Menus, etc.
  • Support JavaScript and capable of font rendering in different sizes.

Install Lynx and Links

Follow the below command to install lynx and links.

On RHEL/CentOS/Fedora systems

# yum -y install lynx
# yum -y install links

On Ubuntu/Debian systems

# apt-get install lynx
# apt-get install links

Lynx and Links Usage

Follow the below command to browser

# lynx
# links

For more detail about lynx and links you can refer to their man pages.

I hope this article will help to browser internet from Linux Terminal. If you have any queries and problem please comment in comment section.




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