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How to Run and Use Windows Software on Linux Machine

Linux is more powerful Operating System then other Operating System.But some time you may need to run Windows  Software on Linux machine like playing Windows games on Linux System. If dedicated Linux desktop users want to use Windows software on their system here are quite a few ways to do so.


Without Windows operating system we can use wine to run the Windows software on Linux machine. Wine is Open source and free Windows compatibility layer which provides to run Windows programs directly  on Linux Desktop. To run Windows Software you will need to install Wine on your Linux system. After installing you will need to .exe file to run it in Wine.


Wine is mostly used for gaming purpose. We can also use wine to run desktop applications like Microsoft Word and Photoshop etc. You will need to double click on Windows Software .exe file and run them with Wine. You can also use PlayOnLinux. It will provide you fancy interface over wine that will help to install most popular Windows Software and games.

Using Virtual Machine

Virtual machine is also a good way to run the Windows software on your Linux machine. You may face bugs or crashes when installing software with Wine. But Virtual machine is lightweight and bugs free solution. You can install Windows in virtual machine like KVM, Virtual Box and VMware Player.


You can install Windows programmes in virtual machine and use it on Linux Desktop. But PC games that need access to computer’s graphics will not work on well in virtual machine. You can use Wine for those. But you can use Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and many more in virtual machine.

Using Dual Boot

You can not install and run all Windows software on Linux machine that’s why another way is dual boot. Although dual booting is not technically way to run Windows programmes on Linux machine. You can play new game that does not perform properly on Linux virtual machine in this situation you can use dual booting just reboot your computer select Windows and boot into Microsoft’s Operating System.


For dual booting you will need to install Windows first and then install Linux OS. After installing Windows and Linux Operating System you will be able to choose your preferred Operating System each time you boot your system.

If you are using dual booting you can also access your Linux partitions from Windows. This is good way and you’ll always have access to your files.

I hope this article will help to run Windows Software on Linux machine. Read our another article Basic Mysql Commands For Database Administrator and How to Extract/Open RAR File in Linux or UNIX System. If you have any queries and problem please comment in comment section or you can also ask your question.


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